Inspired by Wes Bos' uses list, I've put together a "uses" page that covers my setup.


Laptop - Recoil II 15.6"

Intel i7-8750H 6-cores @ 2.2GHz. 16GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 1080p @144Hz IPS panel. A deceptively cheap laptop from PC Specialist, packs more than enough power as a daily-driver


3 x Philips 243V7QDAB 23.8" IPS panel 1080p monitors. Arranged with two monitors and laptop in a row and one monitor above for auxillary purposes


Corsair K63 Red Cherry-MX mechanical keyboard. VicTsing full-sized ergonomic mouse

Sennheiser BTNC 4.50

Great closed-cup over ear wireless headphones with a good level of active noise cancellation

VonHaus L-Shaped computer desk

A highly underrated desk, wide and sturdy enough for a triple monitor setup and it comes with a generous amount of under-desk storage space.

IKEA MARKUS office chair

I prefer high-backed chairs since it helps my neck, and this one is shaped perfectly. The lumbar support keeps me comfy for hours with perfect height arm rests



An open-source terminal emulator; I find it useful that it allows me to separate the window into grids and tabs with easy keyboard shortcuts


Using the Agnoster theme

Droid Sans Mono Font

A powerline-compatible font to fit with the Agnoster theme with OhMyZsh

Symfony Console (PHP) multi-tool

As a replacement for having a bunch of Bash scripts, I made myself a PHP console app to catalog them all and allow me to write them directly in PHP


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Developer Edition easily has the best development tools, especially for UI work


Good for testing out multiple viewport sizes at once


Simple layout, modern looking, and allows me to connect all my emails into a single panel

G Suite

Because Outlook & Office are clunky and you get so much more value with G Suite.

I also use Google Keep a lot to keep notes that wouldn't make sense to keep on Trello


For communication with others at SproutDesk and to stay up to date with other Open Source Slack communities. Also Microsoft Teams sucks.


For when I'm socialising or gaming with friends


For everything from tracking my daily tasks to organising product builds. A tool I could barely live without

KeepSolid Sign

Managed to snatch up a cheap lifetime subscription for this with 10 users so it was no brainer. Turns out it's way more useful than I expected it to be

VPN Unlimited

Perfect OpenVPN provider for public networks or testing sites from another country.


Possibly the best password manager I've tried, integrates great on all the devices I need


SproutStack Dev Engine

A local PHP dev server that includes multiple versions of PHP, Nginx, Xdebug, MailHog, Redis, Varnish, phpMyAdmin, Adminer, and Blackfire

Software Stack

As a preference, I tend to build projects using Laravel, Vue.js, Inertia.js, and TailwindCSS. Most of my experience comes from working with other tools too.

Build Tools

Laravel Mix/Webpack with PostCSS and Imagemin for asset generation and Docker to package for deployment.

Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04 with Linux 5.6 and Gnome 3.28, using these Gnome extensions:

  • Flat Remix Dark Theme
  • AlternateTab
  • Dash to panel
  • AlternateTab
  • Workspace Grid (4 workspaces)
  • Caffeine

Visual Studio Code

Droid Sans Mono font at 14px. VS Dark+ Theme. See my settings hereand extensions below:

  • Auto Close Tag
  • Auto Rename Tag
  • Better PHPUnit
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
  • CSS Peek
  • Debugger for Firefox
  • Docker
  • DotENV
  • EditorConfig
  • ESLint
  • Git Blame
  • GraphQL
  • HTML CSS Support
  • Import Cost
  • Live Share
  • Lorem ipsum
  • Material Icon Theme
  • nginx.conf
  • PHP Debug
  • PHP Intelephense
  • phpcs
  • Prettier
  • SCSS IntelliSense
  • Settings Sync
  • Snippet (
  • Terraform
  • Todo Tree
  • VCL
  • Vetur
  • YAML


Depending on the application and whether we're in development or production, I tend to switch between different vendors

  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Hetzner
  • Azure


Originally I'd use BitBucket since it had better allowances but with recent allowance changes and the maturation of GitHub Actions I've moved back over to GitHub. Plus, it's the place to be if you need to


A REST client, perfect for testing input/output when working on web API projects, especially when it's an external service that you can't test with a test framework like Jest or PHPUnit

Beyond Compare

A file/folder comparison tool, perfect for applying patches/updates when you can't compare them in version control



For wireframing and designing web pages/apps

Tailwind UI

Since I tend to stick with Tailwind a lot, TailwindUI had a lot of premade app components that make it super easy to copy/paste into a project then modify to how I need it


It just makes it super easy to copy/paste great looking SVG icons from straight into the HTML


For when I need brand icons or other icons that aren't available in HeroIcons.


GNU Image Manipulation Program. Not as full-featured as Photoshop but it fulfills 95% of my needs. If it's part of the 5% then I outsource it to other SproutDesk devs, designers, or partners

Great for backend design and quickly throwing together flow diagrams


Perfect for putting together ERDs that you can be proud to present